donderdag 22 mei 2014


19 May 2014 by Nthabiseng “Thabi” Masehla

 The brain hurricane session was too daunting to say the least. It felt more like a brain tsunami than anything else. Our minds were congested with thoughts and bubbling with ideas. As young people in the profession it was exciting to come up with concepts while being channeled in the direction to follow.

The day was both overly exciting and exhausting but worth it nevertheless. We slept with our brains still buzzing and afloat. This is a feeling that every young person should have every day. The passion and zeal that keeps you awake at night and gives you goose bumps in the day.
The day was well spend and well utilized. Working on our case studies with the different groups of people helps us to tap more into each other’s cultures, minds and personalities. To get to know each other better and build friendships.

Thank you to everyone for the co-operation team work; craziness and knowledge. This is truly in the truest sense of South Africa’s “Spirit of UBUNTU”. Where we see no differences but young people coming together to achieve one common goal.


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