zaterdag 24 mei 2014

Getting to work

20 May by Evans Khobo

20 May, this was the second day of work on the Wetskills Challenge. This day was programmed for working on the case study, discussion with case study owner and plan of action discussion per group. These activities were realized at the Hotel Protea in Nelspruit, in fact this was the first day we worked at this venue and it was very nice because it was a different place.

After 4 days for team building, this was the first day in which the participants started working as a group. During the days of team building we were trying to get to know each other and one of the good things is the mix that the supervisors made in the groups. On this first real working day we worked for at least 8 intensive hours and it was very visible how much the groups were committed with the case studies.

After a full day of intensive work we went back to Bundu Lodge and we continued working until dinner time. After diner we had a very different and relaxed moment. On that night the supervisors arranged a large room at Bundu Lodge where we played very nice games like "Pepeta", "Zip, Zap and Bop", etc. I think everyone enjoyed, we needed to relax.

It's not only about case studies and expertise, but it is also about cultures, learning with each other and working in groups, making new friends and last but not least to have some fun. In fact we have many funny moments together. So we work hard in the groups and we also have a lot of fun in the groups. A nice way to continue.

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