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Start team building, driving to Kruger National Park

16 May 2014 by Erin Parenzee

 Awkward; cautious; aloof & stressed; words synonymous with first meetings, and in this case perfectly summed up the mood when the South African, Mozambican and Dutch delegations met for the first time. Once the dust settled, we set off on our way to the Kruger National Park (Skukuza camp) but not without a detour.
This however was a very necessary one, as the important facet of food and meal planning had to be fulfilled. It was however the perfect opportunity to exercise “Ubuntu”*, and teach our foreign delegates about this concept. This was done by pooling our resources and buying enough groceries to cater for all of us, and then some! In theory it sounded really easy, but in reality this turned out to be a daunting task. As this meant that some of us were being volunteered to do the shopping for all of us. Meaning that all of us stormed the shop and ran around trying to find all that is needed for a true South African feast.
Finally the trek towards our accommodation for the next two nights could truly start.
Following this, was the next lesson in true South African hospitality by exposing all to the wonderful experience of a braai. And in true Mzanzi^ fashion, all the stops were pulled out. The menu included some of our finest cuisine, like chakalaka#, atchar%, pap and the hero of the meal…chicken feet! All in all it was well received and as we know in South Africa, a team that eats together, stays together. Long may it continue!!

 * roughly translated as humanity towards each other. It is the belief that sharing connects us all, and that this bonds us as a community.
^ colloquial name for South Africa
# vegetable relish
% pickled mango

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