vrijdag 6 juni 2014

First presentation of poster & pitch!

24 May 2014 by Mashudu Tharaga

First presentation of poster & pitch!

The day was well spent with an aim of impressing our honourable crew of South African & Dutch experts. The teams were finalizing the memos, posters and the pitch practices since the morning hours immediately after breakfast.
During the afternoon some participants were as busy as the bees in such a way that they did not even grab a single snack striving to get a job well done. Some of our Dutch experts arrived early for the attendance of the pitch practices and that have gave us the opportunity to meet and social-network with them. People like Mrs Agnes Maenhout the owner of the team 4 case study owner.
We also celebrated Neusa’s birthday by singing together. She also received the nice gift from the supervisor’s crew. She was so happy and she is been offered the cup cake from the Bundu Lodge kitchen.

Dutch and South African experts then introduced themselves.  Followed by Janneke who announced how the programme is going to be run.
Presentations practice was performed and the posters were also presented as per each team.

It was a very interesting programme or session seeing young water professionals dishing in their ideas to build one another and to have something to carry with in our minds as our homework.

Although there were lots of the suggestions, recommendations and changes to be made we believed that we are still on a right track to give great presentations. It has been a great experience pitching within a short space of time.

Afterwards we were given a chance to social-network with the Dutch experts over a glass of wine and some refreshments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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