vrijdag 6 juni 2014

Posters, pitches and almost start of WISA

Sunday 25  of May by Jan Menkveld

Posters, pitches and almost start of WISA

After a relatively short night and a heavy breakfast , we continued working on the comments that we received on de poster the day before.  We had to finish all the deliverables before 3 p.m. Eventually everybody succeeded to finish in time. The posters were looking very professional.

Beside finishing the posters and the memo’s, the pitches that every group has to give on Tuesday also needed more work. This gave some extra stress! And we had extra confusion as the person who was assigned to give the pitch had to change. The reason was that the presenters where all from South Africa. After some discussion, all four groups changed their presenters. Now the new presenters have some extra pressure, because they only have two more days to prepare the pitch.  

In de evening we went to the football stadium in Nelspruit to meet the Dutch delegation. Everybody was dressed semi-official, which must have looked very special, because people started taking hundreds of pictures. After meeting the Dutch delegation and some explaining about the WISA conference, we went to the Elephant room (a tent). Here we met a lot of other people attending WISA. The atmosphere was very good.

After this party a few people went to Nelspruit to go out for dinner. The others went back to the Bundu Lodge. Monday, and WISA will start officially !

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