vrijdag 6 juni 2014

WISA starts!

26 May by Chriselda Makhafola

WISA starts!

Already early in the morning we went to the Mbombela Stadium for the official opening ceremony for WISA 2014 in Nelspruit Province. It started with Mr Anil Singh – Deputy General Director of Water Affairs and Sanitation. He spoke of focus on critical issues and providing innovative solutions for the country.
Mr Sabelo Mahlalela, a motivational speaker, said that inspiration was drawn from God who created the universe. God created water and that is life. Trust in the Lord and He will direct you and have passion in whatever you do. There is a Power in your tongue.

At midday it was time for the young water professionals. Ms Suvirtha Ramphal addressed us. As ywp’s we are to provide innovative solutions and generate of adaptive idealist to survive in this competitive world.

After this it was time for a cocktail party with the Dutch delegation and everyone, our whole team, was invited to come and join the networking.

It was nice to be networking with people from WISA, IWA and other ywp’s from all over the world as it is important to assist one another with
ü  knowledge sharing
ü  skill building
ü  and capacity building
in order to build innovative and quality leaders

In other words: hold down, the light is about to shine

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